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Brian Gurwitz  

A trusted criminal defense lawyer with deep expertise and commitment to his clients.
Brian Gurwitz is certified as a criminal law specialist by the California State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization. Before opening his law practice, he was a Senior Deputy District Attorney in Orange County.
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Tried over 70 jury trials with excellent results.
Argued over a dozen published cases in the appellate courts, including four in the California Supreme Court.
Represents clients throughout California, and in federal courts nationwide.

Gabriela Ramirez

Former Deputy Public Defender and Immigration Attorney
Gabriela's passion for criminal defense began in law school when she represented minors charged in juvenile court. A respected litigator, she joined the Law office of Brian Gurwitz after practicing criminal defense and immigration law for close to 10 years.
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Board of Directors Orange County Hispanic Bar Association
California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Hispanic National Bar Association

Outstanding Expertise

When you entrust The Law Office of Brian Gurwitz to defend your future, you will receive zealous representation appropriate for your unique circumstances. Sometimes it means negotiating the best result possible. Sometimes it involves convincing a jury that you are not guilty. It can also mean seeking a dismissal.

Regardless of our goals, you will be represented by counsel with a level of expertise that is seldom matched by other defense counsel. It is normal to be frightened. It is normal to be confused. Our job is to bring clarity to your case and work to navigate the best outcome.

Brian was able to defend my murder charge and got me out in less than four years instead of 25 to life! He fought so fiercely, diligently and intelligently that [the jury voted 11-1 for my acquittal]. More
If you're seeking professionalism, compassion, communication, empathy and most importantly...the best possible outcome for your case, then hiring Brian and his staff is a MUST.... My family and I will forever be so grateful More
I contacted him at a very low/traumatizing instance of my life... Brian took my case and told me I had nothing to worry about. My case was dismissed and it all goes to Brian’s prompt work. More
During the worst time in my life and trapped in a foreign country, Brian became my beacon of hope... From flying halfway around the world (...) to shielding me from the abuse I faced in the courtroom, I could rely on Brian to care and put my interest first More
Brian worked well with the prosecutor on my case, and always tried to show everyone I was just a human being who made a mistake. At the same time he made me feel like I was his most important case that deserved his time at the moment More
His skill for detail and the charisma for his craft is a rarity to find and I absolutely recommend anyone to at least acquire a consultation to see what I was able to experience. Words cannot do justice to the gratitude I have had for Brian and the job he has done for me. More
You could just tell how much he cared. I wasn’t just another “paycheck”, to Brian I was a 26yr old who made a mistake and needed help saving my future.(...) Brian got me zero jail time! I only have to do a few hours of community service More
Brian visited me in jail on a regular basis to keep me up to date with the case. He seemed to be available 24/7 with any questions I had. (...) Instead of a prison sentence, he convinced the court to give me 5 years of probation, and successfully terminated the sentence 2 years early. More

If you are facing criminal charges in state or federal court, the outcome of your case may depend on the expertise of the attorney you hire. Brian Gurwitz’s experience and success is rivaled by few other criminal defense lawyers in California.

A former Senior Deputy District Attorney in Orange County, Brian played a key role in some of the most contentious, high-profile cases during the 13 years he served in that office. (Read list of cases here.) He tried dozens of cases and served as a supervisor in the office’s largest felony trial unit.

In addition to trial work, he gained a reputation as an exceptional appellate lawyer who was repeatedly called upon when the stakes were highest. He argued four cases before the California Supreme Court (prevailing in each) and dozens more in the Court of Appeal, including seven that resulted in published decisions.

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Nationwide Practice

While the majority of Brian’s cases are in Orange County, he has represented clients throughout California, and in federal courts in Alabama, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, and Washington, D.C. He is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.
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Lawyer's lawyer

A lawyer's Lawyer

Brian has trained hundreds of lawyers statewide on criminal law topics. He is often called upon by attorneys facing challenging legal questions. In addition, he has represented many attorneys who have been charged themselves with allegations of criminal wrongdoing.

Brian's peers have repeatedly elected him to serve him to serve as a member of the Board of Governors of the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), the state’s largest and most prestigious organization of criminal defense lawyers, which is dedicated to improving California’s criminal justice system through legislation, education, and public advocacy.


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